This site is intended to serve foreigners living in Fukuoka and its surrounding areas as a hub of emergency and disaster preparedness information.

The “East Japan Great Earthquake of 2011” was a wake-up call reminding us that we live in area of the world that is susceptible to plenty of potentially dangerous natural occurrences. We looked around and found very little useful and easy to access data available to foreigners in regards to emergency procedures and disaster preparedness information.

With the help of like minded volunteers and user contributions we will make a new and long lasting resource of information to help foreigners in times of disaster and to help them help others in time of need.

  • Compile easy to understand guidance for foreigners who want to contribute money or volunteer for relief projects
  • Promote awareness of fundraising or other relief related activities.
  • Compile detailed and practical guides and resources and emergency information and disaster preparedness for foreigners in the Fukuoka area.
This site is produced and maintained by Fukuoka Now with the generous support of many volunteers. All efforts are made to ensure the accuracy of the information published. 

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At the moment we have enough volunteers to help out with the site. You’re still welcome to register and when work begins on more of the permanent features we might need more helpers.

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Finally, while we try to make every effort to provide only accurate information, please understand that we are NOT a final authority on all matters presented here. We hope many will benefit from this resource, but please consider confirming information with a second source on matters of importance.

Thanks for reading,
Nick Szasz
Fukuoka Now 

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