What can be done to help?

At this moment the best thing to do is send money. Please exercise caution to avoid falling victim to scams designed to steal money from you and the people who need it the most right now.

Cash donations

Cash can be dropped off at several different locations in Fukuoka provided through the local government:

Fukuoka City Hall, 1F M-F 8:00-19:00 map
Higashi Ward Civic Center M-F 8:00-19:00 map
Hakata Ward Civic Center M-F 8:00-19:00 map
Chuo Ward Civic Center M-F 8:00-19:00 map
Minami Ward Civic Center M-F 8:00-19:00 map
Jyonan Ward Civic Center M-F 8:00-19:00 map
Sawara Ward Civic Center M-F 8:00-19:00 map
Nishi Ward Civic Center M-F 8:00-19:00 map
Fukuoka Prefecture Governmental Office, 1F M-F 9:00-17:00 map
Irube Branch Office M-F 8:00-19:00 map
Seibu Branch Office M-F 8:00-19:00 map
  • Boxes are also located at 13 other public offices around the prefecture.

Online donations

Again, exercise caution when donating online.

Google Crisis Response: In addition to finding lots of useful information about the disaster and relief programs, you can easily transfer a monetary donation via Google Checkout in seconds. Minimum ¥100, maximum ¥50,000. Donations go directly to the Japanese Red Cross Society.
Google Crisis Response: Japan Quake 2011

Save the Children: Save the Children is already active in the Tohoku and surrounding areas. They are providing safe environments for children to play while their parents work on rescue and restoration. They have flexible payment options including Paypal and Amazon Payments.
Japan Earthquake Tsunami Children in Emergency Fund

Warning: Be careful not to support scam e-mail and other web-based operations.

Goods and supplies

The Japanese government is currently taking stock and actively asking for certain materials. It’s best to work through official channels to avoid sending too much of certain items and not enough of what’s really needed.

Fukuoka City has, as of March 18th, opened an official registration desk for donating goods for relief to Tohoku. Online registration (in Japanese) is available. They are asking for:

  • Foods (with long shelf-life)
  • Pet-bottled water
  • Disposable diapers for babies, children, and adults
  • Wet tissues
  • Bladder control pads
  • Sanitary napkins
  • Toilet paper
  • Boxed tissue

Fukuoka Prefecture is collecting information on what people can provide for future reference. Sign up and they will contact you when they have requests to fill.
Fukuoka Prefecture: Online Registration (in Japanese)

(when donating, please donate standardized sets of easy-to-distribute items and not random collections of odds and ends)

Blood donations

There is going to be a continued need for active blood donors. Please see the Blood Donations page for more information.


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