Help Japan: Tsunami & Quake 2011


There’s not much left to be said that hasn’t been said or thought already.  Even as I write this the ground from Tohoku to Tokyo still trembles with aftershocks and the tsunami swept land is still wet with salt water. The ramifications of the largest earthquake to ever strike Japan will reverberate through this island nation for many years to come.

Events like this strip away everything.  Politics, religion, class, nationality, and ethnicity, it’s all gone and we stand looking at each other’s naked humanity and suddenly things that seemed complicated are simple, things that were muddled become clear, and we take stock of the binding reality that ties us all together on this shared journey we all make.

I watched the Twin Towers fall not knowing if my cousins had made it home from work that day.  I stood on the Mississippi beach after Katrina, amidst the wreckage that the onslaught of wind and water had left behind.  There’s a feeling of helplessness, grief, and anger.  But more than that, there’s a deep burning desire to do something, anything, to help ease the burden off the shoulders of those who have lost the most.

This is a beautiful thing about the human condition.  We may fight fight fight and argue about stupid stuff like trickle down market strategies, which side to butter our toast, and fashion.  But as this resounding shock hits us all we stop the bickering for a moment, shut up, and listen.  Listen to the cries for help, to the strangeness of this eerie silence, and to the voice deep inside us all.

People are dead.  People are hurt.  People need help.  We can sit idly by watching Youtube videos of cars being tossed about like toys or we can roll up our sleeves and pitch in.  No matter the gesture, no matter how small, believe that it will be appreciated.

Here we’ve organized what you can do now to help.  We’ll continue to work and alert you to future opportunities.  The more organized we are the better we can offer up a consertive effort to maximize our resources, time, and money.

Please be patient and please be generous.

Thank you,



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