Huis ten Bosch to Accept 1,700 Victims

Nagasaki Prefecture resort Huis ten Bosch and 37 ryokan with hot springs will put up about 1,700 people in 538 families who lost their homes in the Tohoku earthquake, Gov. Hodo Nakamura announced. They will be provided with food and clothing, and the prefecture will assume their transportation expenses to the area. They will also help find places in school or employment for those interested. They may stay until May 11, when the terms of the national government’s National Relief Act are applied. Gov. Nakamura said it was the least the prefecture could do after people from around the country helped Nagasaki following the Mt. Unzen eruption.


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2 Responses to Huis ten Bosch to Accept 1,700 Victims

  1. cathy edwards says:

    Is there any thing that people can do for those who are staying in Huis ten Bosch?
    Can we donate to them clothing, food etc…. Military hosuing is right next door I am sure there are people who can donate to the victims things they may need.

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