100 Yen Book & CD Swap to Support Japan

Paul’s Place Nishijin – Swap books & CDs to support the Japan relief efforts.

Donations from Paul’s Place will be made to the Japanese Red Cross

When: Sunday, March 20,Sunday, April 3
Mondays 11:30AM to 3PM
Tuesdays 7:30PM to 11PM
Wednesdays: closed all day
Thursdays 11:30AM to 3PM; 6PM to 11PM
Fridays 11:30AM to 3AM; 6PM to 11PM
Saturdays 11:30AM to 11PM
Sundays 11:30AM to 10PM”

1) Any day during the time period mentioned above, you can visit Paul’s Place and be free to bring in your books and CDs to swap (any language)
2) ALL books and CDs will be swapped and for 100 yen per book/CD
3) You are kindly asked to donate 100 yen for each of the number of books/CDs you swap into a donation jar/box at Paul’s Place  or to Paul/staff directly (for example, if you take home 3 books/CDs, please donate 300 yen into the donation jar/box, etc.)
4) You are kindly asked NOT to leave any books/CDs in at Paul’s Place without permission so that the establishment is NOT inconvenienced in anyway.
5) At the end of the time period, Paul’s Place will make a donation to the Japanese Red Cross.
6) After the donation, the Paul’s Place will make it public as well as display a copy of the donation receipt so that they can thank all their customers, guests, and donators.

We believe this is one good way for people to meet, talk about the current situation in Japan, exchange books/CDs as well as a good chance to make friend, build community!

Contact Info
Paul’s Place website
Contact: jack_brajcich@hotmail.com


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Fukuoka by foreigners for foreigners! http://www.fukuoka-now.com/
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